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No.1  [Reply]
love that new boarde smell
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¨ No.1638
Forced march.
¨ No.1639
1489442956118.jpg–(76.85KB, 600x715, a1.jpg)
>posting in threads
¨ No.1640
1490083191672.jpg–(38.41KB, 600x450, fb34cbfdf278f0a9b37f591024f567c6.jpg)
>threading your posts

File: 1484598510674.jpg–(19.58KB, 378x372, gevalt.jpg)
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File: 1476742450393.jpg–(61.95KB, 500x750, image.jpeg)
No.1619  [Reply]
happy halloween!
¨ No.1620
1476745135503.png–(6.92MB, 3840x2160, hDuuGNw.png)
Happy Hornypeen!

File: 1475563784288.gif–(337.14KB, 420x420, tenshi-with-tambourine.gif)
No.1609  [Reply]

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¨ No.1616
1475637344207.gif–(42.92KB, 420x420, tenshi-with-tambourine-MAXIMUM-OVERDRIVE-9000.gif)

¨ No.1617
1475637378395.gif–(827.72KB, 420x420, tenshi-with-tambourine-too-fast.gif)

¨ No.1618
1476338188710.gif–(13.87KB, 250x250, image.gif)

File: 1474302634630.jpg–(161.31KB, 928x1199, image.jpeg)
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¨ No.1604
1475038284569.png–(357.98KB, 630x890, 90d29fd7-4a6d-4b0d-9c16-ad6befc50f48.png)

¨ No.1605
dont really want pornography when coming here
¨ No.1606
You are too late! The porn can no longer be stopped!

File: 1441927350154.jpg–(126.73KB, 700x539, parks-recreation__140511162301.jpg)
No.202  [Reply]
Anyone here watch this show?
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¨ No.1546
It brings a tear to my eye.
¨ No.1579
You must know and recognize, but forget about this. In confluence with current and emerging users and doctrines we proliferate
¨ No.1602
I liked Human Wreckingballs better.

File: 1472733822637.jpg–(72.43KB, 600x800, 2ea68aa686769230a306b3bb8d76aa3c.jpg)
No.1588  [Reply]
Asakura Mao reporting in!
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¨ No.1593
The first series actually had GOOD animation. It was the second one where they really dropped the ball on went full on GIFs. I think it was genuinely the worst animated thing I'd ever seen.
¨ No.1595
After Star Jewel, nothing else really holds up.
¨ No.1597
>tween animation
You're making it sound like it's digitally tweened when it isn't. Yeah it had too many inbetweens though, the h manga is much better.

File: 1445037037160.jpg–(107.87KB, 640x640, saovhsq.jpg)
No.1393  [Reply]
All the other places are doing it, but because we're an imageboard we can make FILM. Since I can't link to them, I'll just list what each successive image reply will be:

1: title screen
2: cold opening
3-5: exposition
6: entrance of the villain(s)
7: comic relief
8-10: rising action
11: climax
12: shocking twist
13-15: credits

16-18: audience reactions

19: advertisement poster
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¨ No.1585
1472101236101.jpg–(465.18KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

¨ No.1587
1472732806497.jpg–(91.41KB, 325x255, Tsar_photo11.jpg)

¨ No.1594
1473340988107.jpg–(6.17KB, 250x250, censorship.jpg)

No.1581  [Reply]
Every now and then, a file is required.
¨ No.1583
Once in a while I feel like aqualung
¨ No.1586
I feel a stronger kinship to Locomotive Breath, myself.

File: 1471610862117.jpg–(33.22KB, 680x469, the-box.JPG)
No.1582  [Reply]

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