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File: 1509750236498.jpg–(47.05KB, 680x578, vc2.jpg)
No.1676  [Reply]
4-ch seems to be dead. Did the secret area win in the end?
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¨ No.1691
1532188262592.jpg–(49.52KB, 600x555, 2D536416-9F4A-43D3-9C58-CE0FDE36EBF5.jpeg)
Post more rare sleetys.
¨ No.1703
It's sad
Oh well
¨ No.1704
1538350075704.png–(309.57KB, 550x700, B9T2kdRCAAALiuf.png:orig.png)

File: 1286834537505.jpg–(326.75KB, 766x1100, 1286834537505.jpg)
No.431  [Reply]
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
¨ No.432  >>433, >>1702
1286889669660.png–(1.52MB, 766x2079, 1286889669660.png)
You failed to tailor the image to its true VIP potential.
¨ No.433
¨ No.1702

File: 1533288369468.png–(255.26KB, 700x928, 1533101888503.png)
No.1692  [Reply]
tourist here
suck my dick faggots
¨ No.1693
1533400042294.png–(133.28KB, 500x500, 1265257269503.png)

¨ No.1698
1533847634683.png–(240.46KB, 700x928, 1533288369468.png)

Embed: 【60FPS】 Evan-sama 【OtoGAY】–(YouTube)
No.1694  [Reply]

File: 1531636319120.gif–(178.78KB, 364x379, CryingAlice.gif)
No.1688  [Reply]
>attempts to make quality bread
>uploads webm
>Supported file types are JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF and WEBM.
I can't bake my bread because even though i'm using one of the specified ingredients.
¨ No.1689
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¨ No.1690

File: 1525225284535.webm–(927.81KB, viper.webm)
No.1683  [Reply]
viper kys my man

File: 1287101451982.jpg–(41.46KB, 750x563, 1287101451982.jpg)
No.408  [Reply]
Let's post pictures of ourselves in this thread.
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¨ No.1668
1502268084224.jpg–(130.72KB, 500x500, 47835931_p18_master1200.jpg)

¨ No.1669
1502773795438.gif–(119.17KB, 500x500, 1495780356851.gif)

¨ No.1681
1518145216241.jpg–(112.45KB, 500x625, 1472529578466-2.jpg)

File: 1269360283542.jpg–(180.22KB, 888x825, 1269360283542.jpg)
No.662  [Reply]
Let's create a story using one manga frame at a time!
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¨ No.1661
1498490429762.jpg–(26.38KB, 283x420, CoHBGFzWYAAxnWg.jpg)

¨ No.1662
1499417799857.jpg–(301.99KB, 1584x1113, [Max7]TrigunMaxVol10Ch7-24&25.jpg)

¨ No.1680
1511683287458.png–(121.28KB, 735x396, men_walking_quickly.png)
Meanwhile, in the building where all the Yokoyama background characters are kept...

File: 1443000595978.png–(36.08KB, 640x400, whip_005.png)
No.372  [Reply]  >>1675

¨ No.1674
Underrated post
¨ No.1675
good game

File: 1490615432577.gif–(1.95MB, 540x304, tumblr_ok04rtJoND1vg0r9to1_540.gif)
No.1641  [Reply]
Why can't moe exist in the three-dimensional form?
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¨ No.1645
1491429666002.png–(256.33KB, 600x600, IMG_3255.PNG)
Cool, someone else thought of this too.
¨ No.1672  >>1673
jaleel beats holla at me
¨ No.1673
We were in full flight before three notes or syllables had been uttered, though we knew that the swiftness of the Old Ones would enable any scream-roused and pursuing survivor of the slaughter to overtake us in a moment if it really wished to do so. We had a vague hope, however, that non-aggressive conduct and a display of kindred reason might cause such a being to spare us in case of capture; if only from scientific curiosity. After all, if such an one had nothing to fear for itself it would have no motive in harming us. Concealment being futile at this juncture, we used our torch for a running glance behind, and perceived that the mist was thinning. Would we see, at last, a complete and living specimen of those others? Again came that insidious musical piping—

“Jaleel beats holla at me! Jaleel beats holla at me!”

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