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File: 1443061120186.jpg–(44.77KB, 600x728, igaraccho.jpg)
No.382  [Reply]
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¨ No.1542
1460389030503.png–(627.25KB, 1300x1100, 56099369_p1.png)
Destroy IM@S who are not Anzu.
¨ No.1543
1460601692386.png–(156.52KB, 250x381, image.png)

¨ No.1548
Idolmaster more like Idlemastur

Embed: mountain of english?????????–(YouTube)
No.18  [Reply]  >>271
This place sucks.
Why is the default name not VIPPER? Where is the palestinian propaganda? Where is Suika? Where is the SJIS support?
I feel cheated.
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¨ No.1529
Butch Cassidy.
¨ No.1533
1458197750726.gif–(17.06KB, 957x1155, image.gif)

¨ No.1534
1458438353084.png–(4.08MB, 1918x996, wwwww.png)

File: 1453850777479.png–(217.43KB, 500x500, B_ItczhW0AAKfc6.png:large.png)
No.1488  [Reply]

¨ No.1491
1454156873905.jpg–(182.41KB, 660x371, ms-13.jpg)

¨ No.1525
1457171261570.jpg–(36.98KB, 424x349, 2064991_orig.jpg)

File: 1281742667262.jpg–(407.87KB, 1200x1600, 1281742667262.jpg)
No.575  [Reply]
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
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¨ No.1519
1457170970002.jpg–(77.39KB, 506x632, Ca6nO7zUMAAM31k.jpg)

¨ No.1520
1457171013240.gif–(101.10KB, 128x128, 392584.gif)
animate d gif..
¨ No.1524
1457171186896.jpg–(160.07KB, 729x640, 289833.jpg)

File: 1285834621728.png–(28.11KB, 443x212, 1285834621728.png)
No.471  [Reply]
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
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¨ No.1501  >>1507
Hey guys i have to post something here cuz >>1497 told me to do so.
¨ No.1507
Thanks. I really appreciate it.
¨ No.1511
1456315001125.png–(141.70KB, 1051x916, 1ada228f718f467eed6fb49486423a17.png)

File: 1455318594388.jpg–(34.69KB, 629x475, obsolete.jpg)
No.1497  [Reply]
Please post in the thread below this one instead, thanks.
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¨ No.1504  >>1505
umm... okay but what if... What if an analphabet posts something? I mean nobody could blame him.
¨ No.1505
1455598401896.jpg–(23.41KB, 496x368, shot-The Obsolete Man-15365268.mp4-00:04:00.448.jp)
That's easy: illiteracy is obsolete.

As is this thread, mind you.
¨ No.1506
umm okay...

I will be quiet now.

No.1493  [Reply]  >>1494
Guys I dont get it.
Since the old website for Viptronic Projects does not work anymore, where do i have to send my music to?
¨ No.1494
viptronic.org seems to exist, and there's a cool free comment in the source that is at least an email address.
¨ No.1495
viptronic13 was just released
¨ No.1496
Hmm okay thanks...

File: 1446883993310.jpg–(266.62KB, 1920x1080, GRAB_014.JPG)
No.1430  [Reply]
VIPPERS, on Nov, 21-22, my team will be competing in a 24-hour simulator racing event at the legendary Nurburgring.

Our machine is this lovingly-detailed Honda Civic with which we hope to win the Touring class against several German NEET teams.

The colors of Futaba and the text of the Yoshinoya Rant represent the unity of cultures through BBS and imageboards...or something.
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¨ No.1483
1453475144472.gif–(131.08KB, 691x480, lKbMBfg.gif)

¨ No.1485
1453475228790.png–(459.84KB, 1366x768, Screenshot-6.png)

¨ No.1487
1453633370172.gif–(20.09KB, 460x488, comic.php.gif)

File: 1449172998231.jpg–(406.36KB, 1300x870, serveimage.jpg)
No.1451  [Reply]
Can I too become VIP? Do I have it in me, VIPPER-kun?
¨ No.1452
Have you paid DADDYCOOL enough?
¨ No.1484
1453475179344.jpg–(113.01KB, 604x856, 1672846-slide-hipster-ine-stone-l-o-caillard-1.jpg)

¨ No.1486
1453633329887.png–(20.01KB, 273x241, dude_ofnoises.png)

File: 1449244820107.jpg–(755.00KB, 3264x2448, IMG_20150829_144130.jpg)
No.1453  [Reply]
Dead board
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¨ No.1480
It's like 4chan, but for cool people.

That's why there are so few of us.
¨ No.1481
1453327326339.png–(428.36KB, 594x452, nelsonmandala.png)

¨ No.1482
1453475101374.jpg–(27.67KB, 320x320, a2b5508a0b2fcdf4a15d7913b092d314.jpg)

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