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File: 1286286394779.jpg–(1.22MB, 1623x2129, 1286286394779.jpg)
No.439  [Reply]
What if someone drew this image by Kago as DADDYCOOL's head exploding and tons of VIP characters popping out of it.
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¨ No.1382
they all work fine for me, which one is broke?
¨ No.1383
Links to non-existant post >>9867
¨ No.1384

File: 1444062382520.jpg–(9.70KB, 250x233, 1443747659303.jpg)
No.1369  [Reply]
Did all the fake VIPPERs leave to secretareaofvipquality.org yet?


Good. Then, without further ado gentlemen, shall we discuss our plans for world domination?
¨ No.1370
1444062414015.jpg–(88.48KB, 571x395, CartoonRamirezTeaPartyVsOccupy.jpg)

¨ No.1380
1444134942454.jpg–(105.19KB, 500x500, plotting.jpg)
I'm going to, well, err, ahh...

To take over the world, I'll, umm...

...get back to you on that.

File: 1286668164850.jpg–(252.27KB, 912x684, 1286668164850.jpg)
No.434  [Reply]
I got these figures over the past summer at Wonder Fest and I have been meaning to upload pictures.

On the left there is Aramaki (smoked salmon, poof) and Shobon with a pan. They are both garage kits, so I still need to clip them and paint them. I would be willing to make copies of them if anyone knows a place where I could get that done. The one on the right is a Yaruo nendroid. It's not a proper nendroid, some company (Maid something) made it. I'm unsure if you can get it online.

¨ No.1363
¨ No.1371
Wow that's great.
I want some.

No.1367  [Reply]
¨ No.1386

File: 1442575978882.jpg–(50.71KB, 414x414, Cover cow.jpg)
No.348  [Reply]

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¨ No.1358
¨ No.1361
wanking to this image
¨ No.1366
I'm wanking it to this post, myself.

No.1362  [Reply]
¨ No.1364
i accidentally posted a thread of nothing but the word upboat
¨ No.1365
It's okay. I won't tell anyone.

File: 1443069203708.jpg–(54.94KB, 600x450, CO3xhgMW8AA4kwM.jpg)
No.390  [Reply]
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¨ No.1339
1443404621446.jpg–(23.69KB, 320x240, lilseb2.jpg)
¨ No.1357
Where's its dingle
¨ No.1360
Maybe it has no dangle.

No.1353  [Reply]
¨ No.1354
¨ No.1355

No.1347  [Reply]
swej noillim 6
¨ No.1352
Whoa - imageless posting.

File: 1443039402357.jpg–(186.29KB, 1024x898, IMG_9256-1024x898.jpg)
No.380  [Reply]
tj... why...
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¨ No.1342
TJ was really the FOUNDATION of the SAoVQ website....
¨ No.1343
1443493364556.jpg–(432.61KB, 640x1024, the_cool_was_an_aberration_Speaker.jpg)
And it is so inevitable. Daddy Cool left the Second Foundation behind him to maintain, improve, and extend his work. That has been known, or at least guessed at, for fifty years. But where could that be done? At Trantor, where Daddy Cool's group had worked, and where the data of decades had been accumulated. And it was the purpose of the Second Foundation to protect the Plan against enemies.
¨ No.1346
the end of the last book was one of my best moment in all books, seriously

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