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File: 1442504445051.jpg–(35.99KB, 704x480, itimasi.jpg)
No.336  [Reply]
Quality Discussions On Anime Oald And New
90's Anime
80's Anime
00's Anime
Anime Sucks
Anime Suggestions
10's Anime
70's Anime
Moe Anime
Fantasy Anime
60's Anime
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¨ No.389
¨ No.391
Choujuu Kishin Dancougar - 01 - Empires Desire (1/3) Eng Sub–(YouTube)
i didn't notice the youtube embed field
¨ No.392
kanashimi no belladonna got restored


File: 1443000495628.jpg–(493.86KB, 1000x640, 1431715592427.jpg)
No.371  [Reply]

File: 1442649922074.gif–(3.00MB, 636x343, nowaifunoraifu.gif)
No.352  [Reply]

¨ No.366
I still haven't heard any world government come out with a solid argument for who the best Tsukihime is. Why should I trust them when they won't even address the fundamentals?
¨ No.367
Tsukihime just isn't a hot button issue anymore. We all know the answer is Arc, anyway.
¨ No.370
I guess common sense wins out in the end.

File: 1442292457418.jpg–(2.63MB, 2048x2048, 00a COVER Front.jpg)
No.327  [Reply]

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¨ No.362
This album has inspired me! I will get started early this time on not submitting anything for VIPTRONIC 13!
¨ No.364
YES.I will participate and perhaps my dj friend too.( i am more vjing you see, but why not a visual experience? )
¨ No.369
so It's weird , on my mp3, music only start after 50s, and only of viptronic 12 but ringtones are fine, any idea?

File: 1441933492109.jpg–(1.10MB, 2592x1456, IMG_20150910_175423022.jpg)
No.204  [Reply]
Post your VIP sandwich recipes. Conventional or experimental, anything goes as long as it's VIP.
+10 VIPcoins if you make a sandwich from this thread in real life.
+10 VIPcoins if you take a picture.

Pictured: Garden Stroll
- Spinach
- Red lettuce
- Green lettuce
- Salami
- Sharp cheddar cheese
- Oregano
- Wheat sourdough bread
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¨ No.321
During my junior year in college, for lunch, I only ate sandwiches with wheat bread, spicy mustard, and spinach. It wan't great, but easy to make.
¨ No.349
Go to subway and request
- Whole Wheat bread (foot long)
- Pepperoni and bacon
- No cheese
- Toasted
- Spinach, Jalapeños, bell peppers, pickles, olives
- Sriracha, oil, and pepper top it off

Congrats, you have ordered my sandwich.
¨ No.365
Paté of crabs with a drop of whisky :)
or classic ham-butter "jambon-beurre" in france with "baguette"

File: 1441939316638.jpg–(318.58KB, 1600x933, minecraft_build[1].jpg)
No.213  [Reply]
ITT we discuss minecraft: creations, tips, tricks, merch!
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¨ No.307
Why were you sad:(
¨ No.316
I dont want to talk about it
¨ No.324
Is the a modern minecraft server for VIP Quality? If not, I'd be willing to host one.

File: 1442040368165.jpg–(57.25KB, 720x960, Pk2Q8qJ.jpg)
No.266  [Reply]
Long live america, the country chosen by God himself.
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¨ No.292
if america is such a free country then why isnt it licensed under GNU GPL?
¨ No.298
Why the fuck would god even care about a country only made like 200 years ago?
¨ No.314
1442177911863.jpg–(179.35KB, 1440x810, pr_Ron.jpg)
Because it's America, son.

File: 1442015254557.jpg–(569.72KB, 1920x1080, modernfamily!!!!.jpg)
No.243  [Reply]
Anyone watch modern family?
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¨ No.295
I like this show very much and laugh a lot when I watch it. but sometimes they say things that make me uncomfortable
¨ No.309
i think its a good tv show, dont watch it with freinds it will embarass you
¨ No.329
No, because sitcoms are not VIP QUALITY

File: 1442108250304.png–(745.87KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_2015-09-12-20-21-03.png)
No.294  [Reply]
Whats you're favorite iphone game. I like casino games the most but you can post other stuff too
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¨ No.299
"Pin the hammer on the iphone."
Five stars.
¨ No.302
i like the game angrybirds. because they are so funny and angry!!! i play it on mmy sisters phone she has an angriBird keychain.
¨ No.308
1442168854021.jpg–(152.61KB, 883x657, untitled.jpg)
all my friends have that game but i cant find it, i really want to because every time i play it on my freinds phone i am realy good. i also like to play cute babys games

File: 1442064516052.jpg–(443.01KB, 1565x2293, tmp_28420-images.duckduckgo.com1495086720.jpeg)
No.275  [Reply]
if amy gets her own thread chris needs one too, dont want him to get left out ;-;
¨ No.276
1442069697288.jpg–(144.06KB, 560x415, tmp_28420-images.duckduckgo.com(2)-1985167425.jpeg)
sorry, I had too :)
¨ No.281
1442075076661.png–(107.54KB, 500x326, tmp_14561-2015-09-12 11.20.571495086720.png)
would if chris x amy
¨ No.290
Have you seen gaurdians of the galaxy? i thought it was funny at the end when chris is dancing

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