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swej noillim 6
¨ No.1352
Whoa - imageless posting.

File: 1443039402357.jpg–(186.29KB, 1024x898, IMG_9256-1024x898.jpg)
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tj... why...
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¨ No.1342
TJ was really the FOUNDATION of the SAoVQ website....
¨ No.1343  >>1346
1443493364556.jpg–(432.61KB, 640x1024, the_cool_was_an_aberration_Speaker.jpg)
And it is so inevitable. Daddy Cool left the Second Foundation behind him to maintain, improve, and extend his work. That has been known, or at least guessed at, for fifty years. But where could that be done? At Trantor, where Daddy Cool's group had worked, and where the data of decades had been accumulated. And it was the purpose of the Second Foundation to protect the Plan against enemies.
¨ No.1346
the end of the last book was one of my best moment in all books, seriously

File: 1442504445051.jpg–(35.99KB, 704x480, itimasi.jpg)
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Quality Discussions On Anime Oald And New
90's Anime
80's Anime
00's Anime
Anime Sucks
Anime Suggestions
10's Anime
70's Anime
Moe Anime
Fantasy Anime
60's Anime
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¨ No.389  >>391
¨ No.391
Choujuu Kishin Dancougar - 01 - Empires Desire (1/3) Eng Sub–(YouTube)
i didn't notice the youtube embed field
¨ No.392
kanashimi no belladonna got restored


File: 1443000495628.jpg–(493.86KB, 1000x640, 1431715592427.jpg)
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File: 1442649922074.gif–(3.00MB, 636x343, nowaifunoraifu.gif)
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¨ No.366  >>367
I still haven't heard any world government come out with a solid argument for who the best Tsukihime is. Why should I trust them when they won't even address the fundamentals?
¨ No.367  >>370
Tsukihime just isn't a hot button issue anymore. We all know the answer is Arc, anyway.
¨ No.370
I guess common sense wins out in the end.

File: 1442292457418.jpg–(2.63MB, 2048x2048, 00a COVER Front.jpg)
No.327  [Reply]
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¨ No.362
This album has inspired me! I will get started early this time on not submitting anything for VIPTRONIC 13!
¨ No.364
YES.I will participate and perhaps my dj friend too.( i am more vjing you see, but why not a visual experience? )
¨ No.369
so It's weird , on my mp3, music only start after 50s, and only of viptronic 12 but ringtones are fine, any idea?

File: 1441939316638.jpg–(318.58KB, 1600x933, minecraft_build[1].jpg)
No.213  [Reply]
ITT we discuss minecraft: creations, tips, tricks, merch!
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¨ No.307  >>316
Why were you sad:(
¨ No.316
I dont want to talk about it
¨ No.324
Is the a modern minecraft server for VIP Quality? If not, I'd be willing to host one.

File: 1442040368165.jpg–(57.25KB, 720x960, Pk2Q8qJ.jpg)
No.266  [Reply]
Long live america, the country chosen by God himself.
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¨ No.292
if america is such a free country then why isnt it licensed under GNU GPL?
¨ No.298  >>314
Why the fuck would god even care about a country only made like 200 years ago?
¨ No.314
1442177911863.jpg–(179.35KB, 1440x810, pr_Ron.jpg)
Because it's America, son.

File: 1442015254557.jpg–(569.72KB, 1920x1080, modernfamily!!!!.jpg)
No.243  [Reply]
Anyone watch modern family?
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¨ No.295
I like this show very much and laugh a lot when I watch it. but sometimes they say things that make me uncomfortable
¨ No.309
i think its a good tv show, dont watch it with freinds it will embarass you
¨ No.329
No, because sitcoms are not VIP QUALITY

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