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File: 1445037037160.jpg–(107.87KB, 640x640, saovhsq.jpg)
All the other places are doing it, but because we're an imageboard we can make FILM. Since I can't link to them, I'll just list what each successive image reply will be:

1: title screen
2: cold opening
3-5: exposition
6: entrance of the villain(s)
7: comic relief
8-10: rising action
11: climax
12: shocking twist
13-15: credits

16-18: audience reactions

19: advertisement poster

20-22: critical reactions
¨ No.1394
1445197884212.png–(7.45KB, 483x128, 2015-10-18-155054_483x128_scrot.png)

¨ No.1395
1445220791070.png–(0.98MB, 850x1000, 39796190.png)

¨ No.1402  >>1404
¨ No.1404
Down in front!
¨ No.1414
1445832596155.jpg–(24.43KB, 500x353, BgJA2D-CcAAXATE.jpg-large.jpeg)

¨ No.1415
1445839528097.jpg–(144.21KB, 614x870, NUMBAH_ONE.jpg)

¨ No.1417  >>1421
1446249866294.jpg–(49.22KB, 565x596, horse_window_4.jpg)

¨ No.1421
"When will my husband return from war."
¨ No.1423  >>1424
I came to this film for the barbed wire animes shown in the trailer, not for some kind of war drama about horses.
¨ No.1424
1446333049616.jpg–(17.70KB, 300x225, 4935.jpg)
You're welcome, >>1423-san!
¨ No.1425
          ,r=ヽ、            r';;;:;:;;:::;;;;;;;;;;;;ヽ、
         j。 。゙L゙i     rニ二`ヽ.   Y",,..、ーt;;;;;;;;;;;)
     r-=、 l≦ ノ6)_   l_,.、ヾ;r、゙t   lヲ '・=  )rテ-┴- 、
     `゙ゝヽ、`ー! ノ::::::`ヽ、 L、゚゙ tノ`ゾ`ー ゙iー'  ,r"彡彡三ミミ`ヽ
      にー `ヾヽ'":::::::::::: ィ"^゙iフ  _,,ノ ,  ゙tフ ゙ゞ''"´   ゙ifrミソヘ,
     ,.、 `~iヽ、. `~`''"´ ゙t (,, ̄, frノ   ゝ-‐,i ,,.,...、  ヾミく::::::l
     ゝヽ、__l::::ヽ`iー- '''"´゙i, ヽ ヽ,/   /  lヲ ェ。、   〉:,r-、::リ
     W..,,」:::::::::,->ヽi''"´::::ノ-ゝ ヽ、_ノー‐テ-/ i / ,, 、   '"fっ)ノ::l
       ̄r==ミ__ィ'{-‐ニ二...,-ゝ、'″ /,/`ヽl : :`i- 、ヽ  ,.:゙''" )'^`''ー- :、
        lミ、  / f´  r''/'´ミ)ゝ^),ノ>''"  ,:イ`i /i、ヺi .:" ,,. /;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;`゙
        ! ヾ .il  l  l;;;ト、つノ,ノ /   /:ト-"ノ゙i  ,,.:ィ'" /;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    .    l   ハ. l  l;;;;i _,,.:イ /   /  ,レ''";;;;`゙゙" ヽ_,,ノ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
       人 ヾニ゙i ヽ.l  yt,;ヽ  ゙v'′ ,:ィ"  /;;;;;;;;;;;;;;r-'"´`i,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
      r'"::::ゝ、_ノ  ゙i_,/  l ヽ  ゙':く´ _,,.〃_;;;;;;;;;;;;f´'     ll;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
      ` ̄´     /  l  ヽ   ヾ"/  `゙''ーハ.     l;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
            /    l  ゙t    `'     /^t;\  ,,.ゝ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;i;;;;;;;;;;;;
¨ No.1436
1447046498336.jpg–(56.03KB, 500x352, a.jpg)
Richards, show the lads the picture of your wife! You know, the one that makes her look like a horse!
¨ No.1509
1455770177894.jpg–(74.30KB, 640x510, laughing-horse-close-up-of-head-cw19kk.jpg)

¨ No.1585
1472101236101.jpg–(465.18KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

¨ No.1587
1472732806497.jpg–(91.41KB, 325x255, Tsar_photo11.jpg)

¨ No.1594
1473340988107.jpg–(6.17KB, 250x250, censorship.jpg)

¨ No.1734
1576297099096.jpg–(22.31KB, 380x254, 1475510390373.jpg)

¨ No.1740
1582626673688.png–(34.41KB, 135x225, TC2depression.png)

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