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File: 1446320948893.jpg–(64.38KB, 286x475, sid.jpg)
hello VIPPERS this months book is ``Siddhartha'' by Herman Hesse! We will be doing one book per month, this is the book for November. Chat about this book in this thread and read along!

``In the novel, Siddhartha, a young man, leaves his family for a contemplative life, then, restless, discards it for one of the flesh. He conceives a son, but bored and sickened by lust and greed, moves on again. Near despair, Siddhartha comes to a river where he hears a unique sound. This sound signals the true beginning of his life—the beginning of suffering, rejection, peace, and, finally, wisdom''
¨ No.1422
An okay English translation is freely available from Project Gutenberg. You may prefer to get a better-quality translation from the library or whatever, but if you're lazy like me you can just grab it from here:

¨ No.1426
Yes - Close to the Edge [Full Song]–(YouTube)
This piece was inspired by Siddhartha. It's one of my favorites.
¨ No.1435  >>1437
I'm not quite sure I understood this book the first time I read it. Is the wisdom about the sound "Om" and true contradictions and such what people like about it? Are there other works by Hesse I should read to see a general theme that culminates here?
¨ No.1437
I can't say what other people like about it. I liked that as it started from the beginning, I felt it was leading towards a certain wisdom, but then at the end it is revealed that the entire jounrey is one single coherent message. I mean, he tells you at the end, the baby crying, the man sinning, the holy man, the old man, the lustful woman, they are all the same river, all at once. There is no time. So after he tells you that, you have to look at the whole book in this way, that he is at once every instance he ever was and ever will be, and realizing that, he is at peace. Honestly I didn't see any contradictions.

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