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File: 1449244820107.jpg–(755.00KB, 3264x2448, IMG_20150829_144130.jpg)
Dead board
¨ No.1459
¨ No.1462
We are simply very very very very very very very very deliberate and measured in what we post.
¨ No.1463  >>1476
It would take a scientist to explain.
¨ No.1476
You may not be a scientist, but I'm not listening. Try me.
¨ No.1479  >>1480
I keep forgetting this is a place. Or why it's here. Or who I am.

Who am I?

Who are you?
¨ No.1480
It's like 4chan, but for cool people.

That's why there are so few of us.
¨ No.1481
1453327326339.png–(428.36KB, 594x452, nelsonmandala.png)

¨ No.1482
1453475101374.jpg–(27.67KB, 320x320, a2b5508a0b2fcdf4a15d7913b092d314.jpg)

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