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File: 1455318594388.jpg–(34.69KB, 629x475, obsolete.jpg)
Please post in the thread below this one instead, thanks.
¨ No.1498  >>1500
i refuse....
¨ No.1499  >>1500
There are many threads below this one, please be more specific.
¨ No.1500
1455503690850.jpg–(33.95KB, 450x265, tz-obsolete.jpg)
I dunno, pick any of them. Just stop posting in this one! You too, >>1498. It's obsolete!
¨ No.1502  >>1503
But why are you replying to this thread if it is obsolete?
¨ No.1503
1455566084394.jpg–(23.50KB, 496x368, .jpg)
Look, this is a serious matter. I don't want to have to tell you again: stop posting in this thread, okay?
¨ No.1504  >>1505
umm... okay but what if... What if an analphabet posts something? I mean nobody could blame him.
¨ No.1505
1455598401896.jpg–(23.41KB, 496x368, shot-The Obsolete Man-15365268.mp4-00:04:00.448.jp)
That's easy: illiteracy is obsolete.

As is this thread, mind you.
¨ No.1506
umm okay...

I will be quiet now.

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