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File: 1464946925897.png–(530.38KB, 616x880, image.png)
a message is usually required
¨ No.1555
1466062298308.jpg–(191.49KB, 970x659, 1460250400238.jpg)
today a message is not required
¨ No.1556  >>1557
1466371087903.jpg–(295.22KB, 675x900, flan_drawing.jpg)
Whoever's tells you you need some kinda fancy “message” is pulling your leg, you hear me? I didn't need a “message”, my father didn't need a message. We just posted.
¨ No.1557
1467173667252.gif–(0.99MB, 500x281, image.gif)
¨ No.1558  >>1559
Hear the message brother? The revolution wil not be televised
¨ No.1559  >>1560
1467866012958.png–(398.99KB, 640x480, .....................png)
Then how am I supposed to watch it?
¨ No.1560  >>1565
You gotta be there brother.
¨ No.1565
1468920946941.jpg–(90.37KB, 1280x720, fate-zero-20-21-14.jpg)
That sounds like a lot of work.
¨ No.1573  >>1574

¨ No.1574
You rebel, you!
¨ No.1578
1471490621319.jpg–(302.69KB, 1033x1500, image.jpeg)

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