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File: 1471738918195.png–(194.73KB, 390x440, tilliamook.png)
Cheese is, perhaps, the dairy product with the most VIP quality. What cheeses do you enjoy?

I just had some of this stuff. I'm usually not a fan of stuff in my cheese, but I haven't had a good smoked cheese in a while, and it was sitting in the “sharp” section, so the positives outweighed the negatives and I gave it a try. It's pretty good toasted, although I get the feeling it needs to be heated a bit more than I gave it.
¨ No.1596  >>1598
I hate cheese TBH.
¨ No.1598
1473535868064.jpg–(39.22KB, 350x291, OldCroc.jpg)
I can't agree, but I completely understand. Cheese is such an improbable food, and I can't understand how the first cheese eater, being as reckless as he was, survived long enough to do it.

Personally, I'm back to what has recently become my standby: a rather sharp cheddar that goes very well with the Italian-style baked bread from my local grocery.
¨ No.1603
1474787049566.jpg–(20.84KB, 376x376, 00604262003085-GE-20160211023041.jpg)
I really want to like this cheese. I keep coming back to it every other month or so. It's a little mild for what I usually would choose, but the apple smoking really works.

Unfortunately, it doesn't toast well. This probably means I'm not eating the cheese as intended, but it still is a blemish in my eyes.
¨ No.1643

I live nearby. Hit me up if you ever want to be mailed some.
¨ No.1649
The cheese factory I used to work at, the big warehouse where they stored it all was like the one at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, but 3 times as high. There was a sign at the door saying "shut the door behind you, you are putting £15million of cheese at risk"

One time, a tonne of cheese blocks had to be cut open and resealed because they hadn't been done properly - I was sitting on the cheese as I worked my way through them, and I farted on so much cheese.

I take two big bites of extra mature cheddar before I go to sleep in the hope of having vivid dreams, but maybe that's just an urban myth...
¨ No.1650  >>1651
My cheese post must not have contained enough VIP quality...

Is eating cheese before bedtime to have wild dreams an urban myth?
¨ No.1651
I've never experienced such things, personally, but perhaps I've never eaten the appropriate type, or the appropriate amount, etc.
¨ No.1652
What is the appropriate amount? An entire wheel?
¨ No.1654
1493491181502.jpg–(65.49KB, 444x483, 22feb2aa52767bd3c300ef50266ec28d.jpg)
Salvador Dali used to eat a lump of camembert before sleep to get inspiration... he'd sit in the armchair holding his keys over a dinner plate, then as he drifted off he'd drop the keys, and the clatter on the plate wold wake him up and he'd paint what he saw just at that moment

Is it just me or is pre-grated cheese like the devil's pubes?

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