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File: 1472733822637.jpg–(72.43KB, 600x800, 2ea68aa686769230a306b3bb8d76aa3c.jpg)
Asakura Mao reporting in!
¨ No.1589
1472733896221.png–(1.12MB, 860x1227, 9ffb3c3d4edafdc9d5391b125e461be3.png)

¨ No.1590
1472733985883.jpg–(285.33KB, 1050x1500, e49f08bfd64cbce0040508d4261a6440.jpg)

¨ No.1591
1472734064908.jpg–(90.71KB, 559x800, dfc34e1f287215b97c95cf71ce6ac684.jpg)

¨ No.1592  >>1593, >>1597
The anime was not very good.
Too much tween animation
¨ No.1593
The first series actually had GOOD animation. It was the second one where they really dropped the ball on went full on GIFs. I think it was genuinely the worst animated thing I'd ever seen.
¨ No.1595
After Star Jewel, nothing else really holds up.
¨ No.1597
>tween animation
You're making it sound like it's digitally tweened when it isn't. Yeah it had too many inbetweens though, the h manga is much better.

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