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File: 1479457479338.jpg–(181.47KB, 1536x1024, fortune_cookie.jpg)
For the past month or so, I've begun regularly having lunch at a cheap Chinese cafe with some acquaintances. I do not consider myself superstitious, but the fortune cookies I have received seem rather unusual. My acquaintances get “You will have a success in business soon” or “You have a generous heart”. I, on the other hand, get fortunes like (approximately)

- “You will soon find romance”,
- “You will take a vacation with your family soon”,
- “You are loyal to your family”,
- “You and your wife will have a long, happy life together”,

and so on, always describing either happy relationships with family, imminent romance, and (as of last week) happy marriage.

As a confirmed bachelor with no living relatives, I found these first amusing, then progressively more unsettling in their single-minded focus. It is as if I am receiving highly precise fortune cookies which are accurately tracking the Rockwell-esque life of some other person who has just gotten married and is currently on his honeymoon.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?
¨ No.1623  >>1624
I got another one today. It read “You will soon have some new clothes”. I am not sure how deeply to read into this.
¨ No.1624
The Emperor has no clothes.
¨ No.1626  >>1631
"The needs of the many outnumber the wants of the few"
"The power of the worker stands behind the worker"
were two I got, I'm not sure how deep you can read into them.
¨ No.1629
My last one read
"Opportunities will arise from failure"
¨ No.1631
Those are some pretty serious fortunes.
¨ No.1636
Today, all fortune cookies read “☺ You will soon cross the great waters ☺”.
¨ No.1642  >>1653
>confirmed bachelor

Maybe you will adopt
¨ No.1653
I'll definitely let the secret area know if I do. Today's read “You seek to be a shield and to protect those you love”.
¨ No.1657
Have you ever noticed that a large amount of advertisement and marketing is directed at families, specifically mothers?
¨ No.1658  >>1659
what does confirmed bachelor mean?
¨ No.1659  >>1670
A man who is almost certainly never going to marry and is not trying to, but the term is old fashioned and does not carry "serious" connotations like the contemporary terms "asexual" or "*cel" do. Pick up anything by Wodehouse and there's about a 50% chance one of the subplots will be about a confirmed bachelor fighting against romance.
¨ No.1670  >>1671
"Confirmed bachelor" doesn't mean the same as "asexual"! A bachelor doesn't want to settle down with one partner, but that doesn't mean they're not interested at all. I have often heard "confirmed bachelor" used a winking euphemism for gay, as in they certainly won't be settling down with a lady any time soon, but a "bachelor party" isn't an asexual soiree
¨ No.1671
Well, yeah. That's why I didn't say that, because it would have been wrong.

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