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File: 1490615432577.gif–(1.95MB, 540x304, tumblr_ok04rtJoND1vg0r9to1_540.gif)
Why can't moe exist in the three-dimensional form?
¨ No.1644  >>1645
1491153706166.gif–(30.00KB, 205x207, yotsuba_thinking.gif)
Perhaps this fact is the strongest evidence for Platonism over Aristotelianism.
¨ No.1645
1491429666002.png–(256.33KB, 600x600, IMG_3255.PNG)
Cool, someone else thought of this too.
¨ No.1672  >>1673
jaleel beats holla at me
¨ No.1673
We were in full flight before three notes or syllables had been uttered, though we knew that the swiftness of the Old Ones would enable any scream-roused and pursuing survivor of the slaughter to overtake us in a moment if it really wished to do so. We had a vague hope, however, that non-aggressive conduct and a display of kindred reason might cause such a being to spare us in case of capture; if only from scientific curiosity. After all, if such an one had nothing to fear for itself it would have no motive in harming us. Concealment being futile at this juncture, we used our torch for a running glance behind, and perceived that the mist was thinning. Would we see, at last, a complete and living specimen of those others? Again came that insidious musical piping—

“Jaleel beats holla at me! Jaleel beats holla at me!”

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