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File: 1441232180735.jpg–(105.95KB, 600x800, BtI9J_lCEAACTfb.jpg)
No.17  >>222

¨ No.19
Those are HORSES aren't they, did they set you up for this?
Also does UTF-8 still crash futallaby in this version?
¨ No.25
one word: hoofed mammels
¨ No.222  >>237, >>254
This looks photoshopped. I can tell from the sharp borders around the deer and the way the lighting doesn't match.
¨ No.237  >>254
I agree with you. The deers also look blurrier than the ground in this photo.
¨ No.254
1442027970783.png–(276.61KB, 450x600, analysis.png)
Here's an ELA. Not really sure how to read these, but as far as I cant tell, there are no sharp edges. The reason the deer might be blurrier could be that they are in motion.

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