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Embed: mountain of english?????????–(YouTube)
No.18  >>271
This place sucks.
Why is the default name not VIPPER? Where is the palestinian propaganda? Where is Suika? Where is the SJIS support?
I feel cheated.
¨ No.22  >>271
suika sucks
¨ No.23  >>249, >>271
1441267078668.jpg–(186.79KB, 893x1280, jackasss_yuugi1.jpg)
I don't think Suika sucks but I like Yuugi much more.
¨ No.249  >>264, >>271
i wish i could see her boobs naked and i like her pony horn. why does shehave man arms though -_-
¨ No.258  >>271
  ( ゚Д゚)
  (|   |)
. 〜|   |
¨ No.264  >>271, >>278
>why does shehave man arms though -_-
why are you so fucking gay -_-
¨ No.271
¨ No.278  >>283
but i didn't say i want man arms, im not gay, i have a gf irl
¨ No.283  >>285
you sound pretty gay
¨ No.285  >>291
people have told me that before and i always got upset but my cousin told me that i sholdnt because they are the gay ones, i have a gf
¨ No.291  >>300
what are you a lesbo?
¨ No.300  >>1529
¨ No.1529
Butch Cassidy.
¨ No.1533
1458197750726.gif–(17.06KB, 957x1155, image.gif)

¨ No.1534
1458438353084.png–(4.08MB, 1918x996, wwwww.png)

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