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No.20  >>221, >>234
thank you for your payment ;) if you have an idea for my secret ☆VIP quality☆ website i will consider implementing it.... for a nominal fee ;)
¨ No.21
1441258518809.jpg–(30.98KB, 300x300, vipcoins.jpg)
Make me a mod.
¨ No.24  >>27
why are we not using kusaba?
¨ No.26
Starting threads' thumbnails should be 250x250px.
¨ No.27  >>284
1441402196549.jpg–(30.29KB, 780x585, 1440547270827.jpg)

kusaba is shit, ok, TINYIB is the future
¨ No.132  >>154
1441809071867.png–(121.42KB, 442x276, maiddog.png)
please put this image at the top. thank you.
¨ No.137  >>141
remove captcha and post limits please
¨ No.141
Agreed with >>137.
How am I supposed to dump all these COOL pics I've got saved?
¨ No.152  >>227
post numbering isn't by thread. so there will only ever be one >>1-san. the >>1-san meme will die
¨ No.154  >>156, >>257
1441918218663.png–(402.82KB, 854x454, MinecraftMaidDog.PNG)
I agree with >>132.
¨ No.156  >>205
I see a Nida flag there, is there something you want to tell us VIPPER?
¨ No.205
< ??´> I...I donida't know what you're talkingida about!!
¨ No.221
Holy shit, this website has been around since 2003!
¨ No.227
Would kareha-style numbering work here? Each thread could have its own ID number for cross-thread linking, so the very first poster is >>1:1-san and whoever makes the next thread is >>2:1-san and so on. Also, pls fix youtube embedding and add a name field.
¨ No.228
>Also, pls fix youtube embedding and add a name field.
hahaha HAHAhkghjgh
¨ No.234
I'll give you 20 DQNcoins to make an /f/ board. swf is classy.
¨ No.257
very nice work, this belongs in a museum exhibit on VIP textboards
¨ No.267
My million dollar idea: Daddy Cool Gift Cards
¨ No.272
Plz 2 ahve a text bOard?

And how dump/scrape-able is this?
¨ No.274  >>284
Also please make the favicon VIPP QUALTIY
¨ No.284  >>286
1442083710559.png–(809B, 64x64, downscaled_cool.png)
¨ No.286  >>287
1442084203971.png–(459B, 32x32, downscaled_cool_32x32.png)
I found that one somewhere, it looks pretty good. I'm not sure if shrinking it to 32x32 works, though.
¨ No.287
1442084333578.png–(947B, 32x32, star.png)
Soemthing like this might work better.
¨ No.288  >>296
If I go to http://secretvipquality.website/img , images/styles don't load, and none of the thread links work. If I go to http://secretvipquality.website/img/ , that doesn't happen. What's the deal with tinyib?
¨ No.296  >>304
The reason it does that is because it's trying to retrieve the css and js files from the root rather than the img directory. I also noticed it has a terrible problem with caching pages. I can click on the reply button, but it doesn't show new posts until I refresh. This doesn't usually happen on other boards I visit.
¨ No.304
tee needs to send the cache control heder.

Cache-Control: no-cach
¨ No.310
I very much dislike decisions you've made, Mr. Admin. You've wasted your money.
¨ No.313
Shitty board wasshoi!
Shitty board wasshoi!
¨ No.315  >>319
I very much like decisions you've made, Mr. Admin. You've not wasted your money.
¨ No.317
1442194360639.png–(46.00KB, 747x128, NeoSAoVQ.png)
Switch home image to this.
¨ No.318
And title needs to be this: Parks ☆AND☆ Rec
¨ No.319
Sorry, admins crying right now over not being able to afford his daily grains. We'll try and get your message to him as soon as possible.
¨ No.325
Sorry for the lame comments. I hope your board gets better man.
¨ No.326  >>333
So far it's shit.
¨ No.333
All we need is VIP quality posting.
¨ No.346
key lime yogurt, yeah boyee
¨ No.347
Made sure to backup this entire VIP website. That way when this site blossoms, everyone will always know it's humble beginnings. https://web.archive.org/web/20150918042311/http://secretvipquality.website/
¨ No.1695
make the maid dog bark when you hover over it.
¨ No.1733
A guestbook that we can sign.

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