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File: 1441927350154.jpg–(126.73KB, 700x539, parks-recreation__140511162301.jpg)
Anyone here watch this show?
¨ No.203
Top 10 Funniest | Parks and Recreation Moments–(YouTube)
I like this show. Amy always gets into all sorts of trouble. She reminds me of my friend. My friend is so goofy!
¨ No.210  >>218
Last season caught me by surprise. What kind of nutsos write this stuff???
¨ No.211  >>215
1441936286884.jpg–(73.21KB, 560x415, reg_1024.poehler.mh.112812[1].jpg)
Post your favorite amy poehler face!
¨ No.212
1441938712691.png–(287.56KB, 404x330, amy funking it up.png)

¨ No.215  >>218, >>263
Chris Pratt Bloopers, All Outtakes | Parks and Recreation–(YouTube)
where's my love for chris
¨ No.218
nutsos might not be the right word. more like creative genuises.
Chris for life
¨ No.226  >>229
1441978587618.jpg–(85.44KB, 620x349, chris vs amy.jpg)

¨ No.229  >>241
Even though chris is a guy and a lot bigger than amy I think amy would win because she is alot more devious than chris
¨ No.241  >>248
only if chris is leg is broken. idontknow :0
¨ No.248
lol :) i think the black haired girl woudl defend him though
¨ No.263  >>301
that's surprisingly raunchy
¨ No.301  >>303
I could swear that a year or two ago, I found a gag reel from Parks & Recreation where everybody was miming sucking penises by using hand gestures and tongues in their cheek. It was really raunchy. I can't find it anymore though!! Maybe it got deleted, or maybe it was a gag reel from some other comedy show?
¨ No.303
Community - Season 3 Full Outtakes!–(YouTube)
oh never mind, I figured it out! I was thinking of community.
(skip to 12:58)
it's another funny show!! but sometimes I don't get the jokes :/;; alison brie is so cute~
¨ No.1545  >>1546
Let's never forget where we came from.
¨ No.1546  >>1579
It brings a tear to my eye.
¨ No.1579
You must know and recognize, but forget about this. In confluence with current and emerging users and doctrines we proliferate
¨ No.1602
I liked Human Wreckingballs better.

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