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File: 1441933492109.jpg–(1.10MB, 2592x1456, IMG_20150910_175423022.jpg)
Post your VIP sandwich recipes. Conventional or experimental, anything goes as long as it's VIP.
+10 VIPcoins if you make a sandwich from this thread in real life.
+10 VIPcoins if you take a picture.

Pictured: Garden Stroll
- Spinach
- Red lettuce
- Green lettuce
- Salami
- Sharp cheddar cheese
- Oregano
- Wheat sourdough bread
¨ No.233  >>265
do you get 20 vip coins because you both posted a picture and you made a sandwich from this thread in real life?
¨ No.236  >>265, >>268
Cream cheese and jelly is simple, and suprisingly good.

I also use cream cheese as a substitute for butter or mayo on my sandwiches.
¨ No.265
I think the thread starter shouldn't count, so no extra VIPcoins for me. Also, I should have added +1 VIPcoin for any sandwich idea.

I love cream cheese and fruit, so it makes sense that jelly would work as well! Excellent idea. Have a VIPcoin!
¨ No.268
My grandmother (rip) used to make creamcheese and tomato sandwhiches. Salt, mayo, creamcheese, tomato. I refused to try them for a long time and was surprised by how good it was when I did
¨ No.321
During my junior year in college, for lunch, I only ate sandwiches with wheat bread, spicy mustard, and spinach. It wan't great, but easy to make.
¨ No.349  >>1900
Go to subway and request
- Whole Wheat bread (foot long)
- Pepperoni and bacon
- No cheese
- Toasted
- Spinach, Jalapeños, bell peppers, pickles, olives
- Sriracha, oil, and pepper top it off

Congrats, you have ordered my sandwich.
¨ No.365
Paté of crabs with a drop of whisky :)
or classic ham-butter "jambon-beurre" in france with "baguette"
¨ No.1900
>no cheese

Your sandwich sucks ass.

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