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File: 1441939316638.jpg–(318.58KB, 1600x933, minecraft_build[1].jpg)
ITT we discuss minecraft: creations, tips, tricks, merch!
¨ No.217
I recommend everyone watch drunk minecraft with markiplier. Its hilarious. He gets completely wasted and hilarity ensues. Search for it on youtube.
¨ No.220  >>293
1441946739195.jpg–(6.47KB, 150x150, Minecraft_gold_sword.jpg)
Did someone say merch? I found this on http://minecraftdiamondsword.com/

rofl thanks for the vid, that made my day
¨ No.293  >>306, >>307
I was thinking of getting one of those. Do you konw if they will break? I dont want to buy something and it break. i dont want to be sad again
¨ No.306
Why were you sad :(
¨ No.307  >>316
Why were you sad:(
¨ No.316
I dont want to talk about it
¨ No.324
Is the a modern minecraft server for VIP Quality? If not, I'd be willing to host one.

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