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We are organizing a SAoVQ chess tournament. It will be a best out of three, double elimination tournament.

We *absolutely* welcome players of all skill levels. If you are new, we will match you up against someone who is also new.

To sign up, submit your name here:
¨ No.242  >>255, >>259
ive played chess before and am pretty good at i t, i gave my user to the form but all i see is thanks, how do i play????
¨ No.255  >>269, >>280
We haven't created the bracket yet. Did you submit your nick from IRC (are you on IRC)? That's how we'll be contacting people and coordinating the games.
¨ No.259
Thanks for signing up, though!
¨ No.269
He can post here too. He should update this thread or make a new one that has the date of the tournament on it so that people know to come back to this thread at that date. Also we can update the thread with screenshots and commentary...
¨ No.280
whats irc?? I just clicked on the game link
¨ No.342
This thread will continue here:

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