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File: 1442015254557.jpg–(569.72KB, 1920x1080, modernfamily!!!!.jpg)
Anyone watch modern family?
¨ No.244
you can tell the mom is trying to act like shes not reading the daughters text messages
¨ No.246
I've seen a few episodes. It was rofl.
¨ No.260  >>309
I read a little about this because it came up as a recommended viewing for those who like another show that I watch. Do you recommend it?
¨ No.295
I like this show very much and laugh a lot when I watch it. but sometimes they say things that make me uncomfortable
¨ No.309
i think its a good tv show, dont watch it with freinds it will embarass you
¨ No.329
No, because sitcoms are not VIP QUALITY

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