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File: 1442108250304.png–(745.87KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_2015-09-12-20-21-03.png)
Whats you're favorite iphone game. I like casino games the most but you can post other stuff too
¨ No.297
what kind of retard willingly uses an iphone
¨ No.299
"Pin the hammer on the iphone."
Five stars.
¨ No.302  >>308
i like the game angrybirds. because they are so funny and angry!!! i play it on mmy sisters phone she has an angriBird keychain.
¨ No.308
1442168854021.jpg–(152.61KB, 883x657, untitled.jpg)
all my friends have that game but i cant find it, i really want to because every time i play it on my freinds phone i am realy good. i also like to play cute babys games

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