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File: 1442430888736.jpg–(59.59KB, 620x372, chess.jpg)
Anyone else play chess? I usually play online via lichess: http://lichess.org

Post your account so we can play against each other. Mine: http://lichess.org/@/rocketnine

The #saovq IRC will be hosting a tournament soon. Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vULptvOzwA2KM7ZuIT5GOsP7dh7lXLn79SPP_y2cH-w/viewform
¨ No.341  >>343
The chess tournament signup is closed!
The brackets have been created:

Did anyone sign up that is not on IRC? Please comment here.
¨ No.343  >>345, >>1387
Yo, right here. I can get on IRC if needed.
¨ No.345
Sign on IRC, and message tokers to coordinate your game.

server: irc.rizon.net
channel: #saovq
¨ No.1387
hey get back on IRC! you're UP against the melting wax man
¨ No.1418  >>1439
So who won the big tournament?
¨ No.1439  >>1440
¨ No.1440
Ahh, master of the endgame.

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