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File: 1285689718786.jpg–(30.31KB, 480x272, 1285689718786.jpg)
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
¨ No.397  >>398
What kind of monster would censor pantsu?
¨ No.398
Only one certain kind of monster. That monster is 4kids.
¨ No.399
That poor girl has been pixellated to death. No mere human could survive that kind of censorship!
¨ No.400
1285800441261.jpg–(20.39KB, 480x272, 1285800441261.jpg)
Finishing the job is the merciful thing to do.
¨ No.401  >>402
1285801453048.png–(3.40KB, 480x272, 1285801453048.png)
She's still breathing. We've got to end this before she suffers any more.
¨ No.402
1285801667034.png–(10.37KB, 1903x1073, 1285801667034.png)
¨ No.403  >>404
Anyone else managed to see while she was still alive that originally, she had a bit of her hairs pixelated
¨ No.404
They were clearly obscene!!
¨ No.405  >>406, >>407
1285827049371.jpg–(27.77KB, 365x1033, 1285827049371.jpg)
¨ No.406
¨ No.407
I am making out a cross-like shape. We cannot allow this to be released in the US version of this thread.

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