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File: 1286286394779.jpg–(1.22MB, 1623x2129, 1286286394779.jpg)
No.439  >>445
What if someone drew this image by Kago as DADDYCOOL's head exploding and tons of VIP characters popping out of it.
¨ No.440
That would be awesome.
¨ No.441
Now THAT would be incredible...
¨ No.442  >>443
Why not ask the VIPPER who posts his QUALITY paintings here to take a shot at it?
¨ No.443
I am sure VIPPER is aware ;)
¨ No.444
¨ No.445  >>447, >>448, >>449, >>450, >>452, >>456, >>457, >>1383
1286430294783.jpg–(1.62MB, 1200x1600, 1286430294783.jpg)
Work in progress~
¨ No.446
My word! It's spectacular!
¨ No.447
That looks amazing!
¨ No.448

VIPPERtist needs to sell his glorious works. I have been hoardinging my VIPcoins like a good Jew so I can afford such quality.

¨ No.449
VIPPER, this, and you, bring a great warmth to my heart. You give me some hope that at least one VIPPER is willing to put forth great effort in order to contribute to this place. It is far too easy to simply not participate, and not invest your time in hopes of making SAoVQ better, but your dedication is astounding. I will use you as an inspiration to continue work on an AA story despite my presently chaotic and overworked life. Thank you, VIPPER.
¨ No.450  >>458
I have to ask. Where did you cultivate your drawing talents, VIPPER?
¨ No.451  >>453
VIPPER, how can I contact you? I'd like for you to send me some of your artwork, provided I can payyou enough ;)
¨ No.452

This post has too much VIP QUALITY in it. You must contain it before it destroys us all!

¨ No.453
although I wish to remain anonymous, send any inquires to MittensEnthusiast@gmail.com
ミト━━━━━━⊂( ゚ ヮ゚)⊃━━━━━━ン!!!!!
¨ No.454
Your work is very impressive, mysterious VIPPER!
¨ No.455
VIPPER is very excited for the chance to see something created by someone who is so mysterious~
¨ No.456
1286520058358.gif–(670.82KB, 320x240, 1286520058358.gif)
holy shit
¨ No.457
This is probably your greatest work yet, VIPPER!

-"One of your fans..."

¨ No.458  >>459
Many years of angst and depression. ;¬;
¨ No.459
Now, you simply must cut that out. Happiness comes by the decision to be happy, and it's an easy decision to make.
¨ No.460  >>461
May I suggest changing VICE logo -> VIP?


¨ No.461  >>462
I think no logo at all would be good too! This would make a great VIPZine cover as well. I'd love to get this vectorized and put on a shirt when it's done though... Like this: http://samehat.blogspot.com/2010/06/beams-releases-shintaro-kago-t-shirt.html
¨ No.462  >>463
Oh god I would buy that in under 0.13 seconds.
¨ No.463
But you are forbad from buying it, since you are not in Glorious Nippon..
¨ No.1368  >>1382
Yo the links in this thread be fucked up, also it's depressing to know that vipperZINE is dead forever now.
¨ No.1382  >>1383
they all work fine for me, which one is broke?
¨ No.1383  >>1384
Links to non-existant post >>9867
¨ No.1384

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