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File: 1267910288473.jpg–(91.98KB, 854x480, 1267910288473.jpg)
Come join the VIP minecraft server. I think you have to make an account to join, but it's free.

Unfortunately it's running on a server currently located at my mother's house, and her internet randomly dies now and then. It usually comes back after about 5-10 minutes.

¨ No.909  >>912
This is not Blockland. Why did you have to remind me of Blockland.
¨ No.910
Okay, this is fun. We need more VIPPERs.
¨ No.911
1267930713959.jpg–(129.37KB, 880x525, 1267930713959.jpg)
I had to destroy a few walls and such to make this. I hope you don't mind.
¨ No.912
Blockland was so cool.

I tried Minecraft, but it's just not the same. You can't do nearly as many cool stuff as you could with Blockland.

¨ No.913
The highway is, more or less, complete.
¨ No.914
Many interesting VIPPERs making very VIP pieces of scenery.
¨ No.915
Also, if someone could finish Mt. JEWS, that would be great.
¨ No.916
I met a friend today while exploring VIPland. Was it YOU?
¨ No.917
Someone flooded my Jewish dungeon. Who flooded my Jewish dungeon.
¨ No.918
I initially wanted to cause random destruction, and I did for a time, but now I'm overcome by a need to create.
¨ No.919
Whoop! Phase 1 of Mt. JEWS is complete!
¨ No.920
I'm on.
¨ No.921
1268095475336.jpg–(361.49KB, 853x478, 1268095475336.jpg)
Tablecat is too big !
¨ No.922  >>923, >>983, >>986
1268107172799.png–(295.63KB, 859x485, 1268107172799.png)
¨ No.923
1268110185888.jpg–(339.94KB, 1680x1050, 1268110185888.jpg)
¨ No.924
OP here, glad to see all the VIP quality structures. If anybody wants to host a more reliable server than mine, go for it--just ask and I'll post the server_level.dat file so we don't have to start the level all over.
¨ No.925
Construction on floating Jew Island is partially complete.

It is parked right next to Mt. Jew because Jews can't part with their gold.

It only makes much sense.

¨ No.926
I thought JEWS were not SAoVQ Quality.
¨ No.927  >>928
I can't connect anymore. ;_;

What happened to the server?

¨ No.928
Same here.
It happened to me yesterday, too. It was back after an hour or so.
¨ No.929
I have a free account, am logged in, but clicking the link bring a random map. Is it due to its being down as others have said?
¨ No.930
yeah looks like servers down.
Shame, wanted to work on the vip mansion ;__;
¨ No.931
Yeah, sorry about the server downtime guys. Once again, if anybody wants to host a more reliable server, here's the server level file (as of right now, of course.)
¨ No.932
1268347739445.png–(146.38KB, 854x454, 1268347739445.png)
The VIP reading room
¨ No.933  >>934
1268385720986.png–(531.83KB, 854x454, 1268385720986.png)
Stairway to heaven complete!
¨ No.934
¨ No.935
¨ No.936
1268448278260.png–(432.37KB, 841x467, 1268448278260.png)
I met three friendly VIPPERs there, some wanted to give me a tour of the VIP Mansion, but alas the server was cursed and booted us off every time we came near ;_;
At least I managed to build a VIPMAZE and a COOL rooftop where I stand.
There sure are a lot of talented builders on the server!
¨ No.937
1268454450897.png–(151.01KB, 300x300, 1268454450897.png)
I'm going to build a giant canopy over this entire world and cover it in darkness. (Just b/c I'm curious as to what that would look like) :3
¨ No.938
Someone should make a boon skin!
¨ No.939  >>940, >>945
You meet some interesting VIPPERs there!
I talked to the admin in-game and will see if I can host, I have a decent connection and more spare old computers than it is reasonable to have.
¨ No.940  >>941, >>942

I have confirmed that there are at least 10 different VIPPERS. This is 9 more than I originally expected.

¨ No.941
We are all constructs of your solipsistic mind.
¨ No.942
I'm about to create an account and join.
¨ No.943  >>993
1268501462286.png–(255B, 64x32, 1268501462286.png)
I made an okay boon skin. Could use improvement:
¨ No.944  >>946
Great job on the floating castle VIPPERs!
¨ No.945
For >>939 or anybody else who decides to host, the server_level.dat file is now available here:
It should always be the latest version.
¨ No.946
I said I'd "prepare" the zone for another VIPPER, but we were 3 of us and got really way to enthusiastic about "preparing".
¨ No.947  >>948
I would just like to make sure if the level file is regularly updated and archived.
¨ No.948
It's regularly updated, but not archived -- I manually make a backup copy every now and then but there's no automated backups.
¨ No.949  >>950
1268632422656.png–(392.86KB, 851x481, 1268632422656.png)
After the better part of a week, I managed to pay DADDYCOOL enough for this wonderful portrait
¨ No.950
1268642772951.png–(393.94KB, 854x480, 1268642772951.png)
It's better in person! Pay us a visit if you haven't already. We'll get drunk at this newly-opened VIPSTAR Lounge.

(make sure to check this thread for a new server URL before building anything!)

¨ No.951
1268662088771.png–(390.02KB, 854x451, 1268662088771.png)
The Chamber is complete. Please do not interfere with the Chamber.
¨ No.952
I accidentally flooded someone's quarters. I hope that I have cleaned it up well enough that the poor VIPPER will not realise that it was his house that was underwater.
¨ No.953  >>954
1268712934295.png–(379.30KB, 854x454, 1268712934295.png)
arf arf

arf improved

¨ No.954

deer sir... marvellous work.

¨ No.955
1268889886900.jpg–(218.88KB, 600x600, 1268889886900.jpg)
I'm sorry, I unintentionally inundated the stairway to heaven a few days ago. Please do not remove the outer layer of sponges until I or a charitable soul finishes inserting a better foundation of sponges one block away from view on both sides.
¨ No.956
1268972374655.png–(398.36KB, 857x487, 1268972374655.png)
I gave a new toy to maiddog.png
¨ No.957
1268972441363.png–(318.55KB, 857x487, 1268972441363.png)
I hope that she will enjoy it
¨ No.958  >>959
I deflooded the VIP lounge since I assumed it wasn't flooded on purpose.

Also, whoever made the Godel Escher Bach cube: I love you.

¨ No.959  >>961
Aww, how did they manage? After all the sponges I put around it ;_;
Well, thanks.

Is the replacement server still needed? I'm the one who offered, but shamefully, unpleasant issues kept me from finding the time to do what's necessary to guarantee better uptime than the current server.

¨ No.960
ぬるぽ is complete.
¨ No.961
If it's convenient for you (or anybody else) to host, then by all means go for it, but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it. My server is still unreliable, but it seems people have been working around it nonetheless.
¨ No.962
I overflowed the tanasinn chamber with lava today.
I managed to fix it according to my memory, though some things may be broken or submerged in lava.
¨ No.963
Sorry about not keeping my promise to host, but had I done it I would not have been able to guarantee better uptime than the current server (not because of random connection drops, but because issues took me away from the physical location of the server.)
Since in about 3 weeks I would have to go away again, I don't think it's worth troubling you all with swapping files and changing URLs temporarily.
Apologies everyone.
¨ No.964  >>965
1269821932526.jpg–(642.62KB, 1500x730, 1269821932526.jpg)

Hidden underground beneath this unassuming glass structure lies a vicious challenge of manliness, that every VIPPER is hereby dared to undertake.


  1. No building or destroying whatsoever.
  2. If you touch a red block, you must restart the level.
  3. If you really must cheat by using scaffolds, please make them of a different kind of block and make sure to destroy them once you are done being unmanly.

¨ No.965  >>966
A+++ would challenge again!
¨ No.966  >>967, >>968
Who's that?
¨ No.967
It's wwwww. The level design was very impressive. At some points I was reminded of playing Portal.
¨ No.968
Too nice words about a bunch of blocks added at random, but thanks. Actually I'm not >>966, so who are you, mysterious asker?
And most importantly, have you proven your manliness?
¨ No.969
I have proven my manliness today.
¨ No.970
1270503016854.png–(144.55KB, 859x483, 1270503016854.png)
¨ No.971  >>972, >>973
I wish I could overcome my shyness and join the server to play with fellow vippers and build VIP quality structures.
¨ No.972
Don't worry, it'll be alright. I was anxious at first, too, but then I realised that I am among VIPPERs and there's nothing to fear.
¨ No.973
Don't worry, it will be alright. It's a miracle if there is two or more users at the same time.
¨ No.974  >>975, >>976, >>977, >>978
1270662731466.png–(145.69KB, 1160x648, 1270662731466.png)
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
¨ No.975
High density of VIP.
¨ No.976

ಥ_ಥ Beautiful.

¨ No.977
I really wanted to do it, but I didn't manage to get that software to work.
¨ No.978  >>980
Using >>974's picture, I've started this map: http://tanasinn.info/wiki/VIP_City#Map

Please help! (Use the talk page if uncomfortable with wiki syntax. Remember, tanasinn.info does not displays users' IPs)

¨ No.979
(;∀;) Seeing the things I created on this map gives me more joy than anything else in life could at the moment.
I now truly sense what it means to be a VIPPER.
I love you.
¨ No.980  >>981
Somebody should make a Pax-Tsukuru headquarters so we can keep it off the map.
¨ No.981
¨ No.982
I think this needs an obligatory JEWS
¨ No.983  >>984, >>986, >>998
1270961846708.jpg–(53.50KB, 853x481, 1270961846708.jpg)
¨ No.984  >>985
I don't get it.
¨ No.985
Oh, ok. I'm sorry.
¨ No.986
I looked for >>983 for ages, unsuccessfully, until I realized that the shop in question is not by the prism in >>922, but by a different, more recently constructed prism.
¨ No.987
1271038884354.png–(1.01MB, 1440x818, 1271038884354.png)
I have created a glass tower with a spiral staircase up to the top. A chute runs down the center, allowing for a quick exit.
¨ No.988
Stand at the bottom-right of Tetris. Follow the path underground. When you come to a fork, turn right. There you will see the first wonder. Just ahead, you will see the second wonder.
¨ No.989  >>990
hey vippers, if you have some free time come visit the vip blimp complete with windows! And a mass effect generator.
¨ No.990  >>991, >>992
1271110139643.png–(589.67KB, 851x478, 1271110139643.png)
What is this supposed to be?
¨ No.991
Fire. Bursting out from the blimp.
¨ No.992
1271277150882.jpg–(11.74KB, 394x155, 1271277150882.jpg)
It is a rocket propelled blimp.
¨ No.993
How to use?
¨ No.994  >>996, >>997
1271301367692.png–(416.88KB, 853x453, 1271301367692.png)
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
¨ No.995
1271306225299.png–(490.46KB, 907x552, 1271306225299.png)
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
¨ No.996
¨ No.997
Where is this room? The JEWS room isn't very deep and it's visible from the surface, but I can't find the ぬるぽ one.
¨ No.998  >>999
1271460026464.jpg–(67.79KB, 853x454, 1271460026464.jpg)
This is the extension to >>983. Please note that the secret entrance, SHOP NEXT TO THE JEWS SIGN ON THE GROUND, is right in front of tablecat
¨ No.999
1271467241520.jpg–(71.27KB, 856x453, 1271467241520.jpg)
¨ No.1000
1271556806701.jpg–(62.33KB, 850x454, 1271556806701.jpg)
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
¨ No.1001  >>1002, >>1053
1271649573132.png–(494.94KB, 855x480, 1271649573132.png)
The best thing about /infdev is the giant trees ripe for lumberjacking. But sometimes axes are too slow.
¨ No.1002  >>1004, >>1005
Is it worth it to purchase the minecraft?
¨ No.1003
1271903602691.png–(410.01KB, 852x454, 1271903602691.png)
¨ No.1004
Absolutely. I was anxious at first, but I don't regret it. The fact that it's only like $10 also helps.
¨ No.1005
I bought it more to support the developer than for the extra features, though I do think it was worth the money. If you're a poor VIPPER though, you could just wait for Notch to replace the public versions with indev/infdev.
¨ No.1006  >>1007
If you're a poor VIPPER that will help me with my remote Amish farm in multiplayer, I can fund the game for you.

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

¨ No.1007
This is an interesting proposition. Please continue
¨ No.1008
Please e-mail your VIPPER in-game name to JWasteland@gmail.com and you will get COOL FREE MINECRAFTS. I can pay for one VIPPER, perhaps two if tomorrow is a good day.
¨ No.1009  >>1012
1272310711214.png–(157.46KB, 1160x648, 1272310711214.png)
I tried to upload a new version of the isometric map to tanasinn, but I failed. Could somebody else please update it?
¨ No.1010
1272319730281.png–(312.34KB, 870x518, 1272319730281.png)
The flag has been restored from various vandalisms.
¨ No.1011
1272320950852.png–(1.15KB, 64x32, 1272320950852.png)
Here's a horrible Hatsune Miku skin I made!
¨ No.1012  >>1013
Done. Did you make an account? It's required to upload pictures, (but not to edit). If you tried with an account but still encountered a problem you can notify the admin: http://tanasinn.info/index.php?title=User_talk:Halcy&action=edit&section=new
¨ No.1013  >>1015
I figured out, that my browser was at fault. After cleaning the cache, the map showed up fine.
It's far from horrible, fellow VIPPER! You should consider using the extra head textures for hair. Also, try SkinEdit. Its a tool which allows you to edit your skins and to have a realtime 3d preview while doing so: http://solidfiles.com/d/rGkS
¨ No.1014
1272398346238.png–(372.49KB, 854x454, 1272398346238.png)
I expanded the server on two sides so we now have a bit more room to build. The bad news is that this expansion resulted in some flooding which I was unable to hold off, most notably in the Daddy Cool chamber. At least we now have two giant empty chambers of water to build in--expand as you please.
¨ No.1015
1272411022552.png–(685B, 64x32, 1272411022552.png)
Oh, thank you! Do you know any places where there are a lot of minecraft skins?
¨ No.1016  >>1017
1272419280414.jpg–(191.77KB, 861x481, 1272419280414.jpg)
Gentlemen, I give you the Daddycool-class VIPLiner
¨ No.1017  >>1019
Beautiful! And that screenshot reminds me, I'm not too experienced with level editing so I'm not sure why that giant uneditable cavern appeared. It's not really hurting anything but if anybody knows how to get rid of it, that would be great.
¨ No.1018
Today was my first visit to VIPland.

What I saw was beautiful.

I shall return.

¨ No.1019  >>1021
Did you already try to fill it/delete the adminium blocks in a level editor (like OMEN)? If this doesn't work, it could be, because of a weird map size. I once created a huge ocean and ran into a similar problem, keeping the map dimensions to powers of two solved it.
¨ No.1020
Some VIPPERs decided to make the Challenge of Manliness user-friendly. It has been restored to mint condition. And by "mint" I mean a "flames of hell" kind of freshness.
Also, you can visit two new restaurants at the VIPstar Lounge.

Anyway, the expansion calls for a SECRET UNDEGROUND CITY.

¨ No.1021
Thanks, >>1019, changing the dimensions to powers of 2 only fixed it. Also, when I have more time I might look into adding more ground to the gigantic ocean since I know clearing out a ton of water can be a pain.
¨ No.1022  >>1023, >>1025
1272507683987.png–(618.99KB, 822x443, 1272507683987.png)
Welcome, all, to JEW ISLAND!

Coming Soon: Grass!

¨ No.1023  >>1024
HoWmUcH dId you pay for that island?
¨ No.1024
Approximately 7 units of golds per minecraft unit
¨ No.1025  >>1026
1272594136501.png–(853.41KB, 827x891, 1272594136501.png)
Deep under JEW ISLAND, we find the JEWISH SUPERDOME, the secret meeting place of the world's jewish leaders.
¨ No.1026
1272595420564.png–(449.13KB, 864x479, 1272595420564.png)
I built a similar place today, where the nemesises of JEWS (no nazis plz) counter plot.
It is even more secret, so I won't disclose its location.
¨ No.1027
¨ No.1028
I loaded the VIP City today after a long hiatus and I wwww'd at the secret room in the JEWS chamber.
¨ No.1029  >>1030, >>1031, >>1032
1272679408633.jpg–(747.53KB, 2000x1275, 1272679408633.jpg)
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
¨ No.1030
Best thing on the internet right now
¨ No.1031
This made me so happy I almost cried.
¨ No.1032
¨ No.1033  >>1034
1272776847670.png–(107.13KB, 854x454, 1272776847670.png)
I feel so much better now that my beloved flowers are safe in the Secret Sponge Society Vault!
¨ No.1034
1272829456954.png–(422.02KB, 500x1000, 1272829456954.png)
I have built a map-wide grass distribution service (that will also serve >>1033's flowers) along the edge of the map. It might take a few days for the grass to grow. Once it has propagated, do not hesitate to destroy parts of it as they become unnecessary.
¨ No.1035
1273122732438.png–(613.62KB, 828x444, 1273122732438.png)

How about a round of VIPCHESS?

  • you have to make your own pieces.

¨ No.1036  >>1037
1273145019971.png–(2.35MB, 1141x1323, 1273145019971.png)
Yaranaika municipal monument has been completed.
¨ No.1037
Sensors indicate high levels of VIP QUALITY.
¨ No.1038
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
¨ No.1039
1274654468250.jpg–(136.40KB, 573x403, 1274654468250.jpg)
Well, somewhat, a Balrog.
¨ No.1040
1274662802055.jpg–(219.18KB, 853x480, 1274662802055.jpg)
I have no life and James does not approve it.
¨ No.1041
I'm seriously impressed... Just how much time does it take to make something like that yaranaika thing with the flying penis?
¨ No.1042
1274730226242.png–(304.83KB, 834x477, 1274730226242.png)
I jumped back onto the server after a month of absence and I wanted to find my third, underground, ruined tower. I've been looking for some time, until I looked at this construction from the outside.

I love you guys.

¨ No.1043  >>1044
1274750203407.jpg–(236.43KB, 854x482, 1274750203407.jpg)
A VIP Rainbow Slide.

RIght by the VIP Lounge.

¨ No.1044  >>1045
That is just another tower with spiral staircase.
¨ No.1045
But it uses stairs and protects you from falling down, so that you can boon at maximum speed.
¨ No.1047  >>1048, >>1049
1275123811410.png–(360.41KB, 854x960, 1275123811410.png)
After constructing a large underground structure I have reached an conundrum. I desire the building to be (hopefully) waterproof but If I leave the ceiling full of lava that could instead flood the building. Should I go through the arduous process of removing the lava, or rather keep a layer of water bounded by sponges to neutralize the lava (this would take up a lot of real estate)?
¨ No.1048
It sounds like removing the lava would be the VIP thing to do, however difficult as it may be.
¨ No.1049  >>1050
I don't think it would take up any extra real estate if you built a ceiling of water inside the structure (keeping the water magically suspended using sponges.)
¨ No.1050
QUALITY representation here.
¨ No.1051
1275199912192.png–(9.71KB, 640x480, 1275199912192.png)
¨ No.1052
I've just realized I'd need to remove all the lava in the walls and ceiling to prevent a lava flood, so I'm going with the monolayer of water instead.
¨ No.1053  >>1054, >>1055, >>1056
Hello VIPPER how do you fly in in(f)dev? Does the world of minecraft client somehow work with it? Or did you just make a stack of blocks to stand on in that screenshot?
¨ No.1054
As far as I know, nobody's made a custom client that works with indev or infdev. In the screenshot I'm just standing on a stack of sand blocks.
¨ No.1055  >>1056
The World of Minecraft client allows one to fly. 'z' toggles flight. I have included with this post a version I grabbed from 7chan a little while back, which I edited slightly to include a script to run it under Linux, a slightly expanded readme, and minecraft.jar. (Which is questionably legal.)
¨ No.1056
I don't think that can connect to indev or infdev, which was the whole point of >>1053's question.
¨ No.1057  >>1058
Are we still doing this stuff?
¨ No.1058
Judging by the server logs, the amount of users has slowed down, but people do still log in from time to time. The server still has the problem of being unreliable though.
¨ No.1059
1276633637253.png–(188.73KB, 854x480, 1276633637253.png)
Notch added dynamic water to infdev! Although the water physics makes little sense, making watervators is now fun and easy.
¨ No.1060  >>1061
It was fun when it was smaller.
¨ No.1061
Although I love the additions, I have to agree. Maybe, with a bit of work, we could expand the main island so that it looks more finished? Its much harder to build something decent without having ground to build.
¨ No.1062
Apologies for all the server downtime, I'm physically removed from my server so I don't know what's wrong with it. I'm going to move it to a server that should be more reliable. I'll start a new thread once the move is complete so the correct link will be at the top.

Regarding the large size: I apologize if the ridiculous ocean expansion made minecraft less fun. I debated expanding for that reason, but in the end I think the additions like the SSS Vault made the expansion worth it. And at this point it's hard for me to do something about it (like adding more ground in a level editor) without messing up somebody's stuff.

However, the new server will run OpenCraft, which has the ability to switch between multiple worlds, so we could create a new, smaller world for VIPPERS who don't like the large, crowded one. I'm not sure if VIPPERS are still interested in Minecraft at all, but please post opinions or ideas for the future of the VIP Minecraft Server if you have any.

¨ No.1063  >>1065
¨ No.1064
Mine craft is good. During the downtime I have spent a good deal of my free time on a friends server.
¨ No.1065
ETA: The new server would have been ready yesterday, but I can't get OpenCraft to read the server level file (though it claims to support it.) I might just go with the old server software if I can't get it to work soon. In either case it should be up in less than a week.
¨ No.1066
Bad news: After many headache-inducing hours of screwing around with different custom servers, I couldn't get any of them to work with FreeNAS so I eventually gave up and went back to the old server software.

Good news: The VIP Minecraft Server is back up, and now hosted on a slightly more reliable server. The link is the same as before. Let's Minecrafting!

As always, if somebody wants to take over hosting with a more reliable machine, go for it. The latest version of the level file will always be available at http://bivab.ath.cx/server_level.dat (unless the server's down.)

¨ No.1067  >>1069
1279912914737.png–(446.46KB, 855x482, 1279912914737.png)
VIP sea patrol.
¨ No.1068  >>1069
1280081957287.png–(523.47KB, 1920x1200, 1280081957287.png)
¨ No.1069  >>1070, >>1071
This thread is not about YOU and YOUR lonely adventures.
This thread is about specific minecraft server.
¨ No.1070

This post is not VIP quality.

¨ No.1071  >>1072
Hello, I am the creator of this thread. This thread is about Minecraft, not insults of low quality. There is plenty of room in this thread for all Minecraft-related posts.
¨ No.1072  >>1073
How much room precisely? I am not sure that there is enough room.
¨ No.1073
¨ No.1074  >>1075
It is sad to see a beautiful place unpopulated. Are you guys ready for Minecraft Alpha multiplayer?
¨ No.1075
My whole life has been leading up to this moment.
A new world only inhabited by VIPPERs.
¨ No.1076  >>1077
1280978242069.png–(216.47KB, 850x480, 1280978242069.png)
Minecraft survival server is up. Currently very buggy and broken in many ways, but still fun.

Address: bivab.ath.cx:25566

¨ No.1077

Your server was fun but I hated that you can't smelt anything and lots of other stuff.

¨ No.1078  >>1079
Yes, as a warning to future players, here are the worst current bugs:

  • No smelting.
  • Inventory (including chests) empties when leaving and rejoining.
  • No mobs.

I'm sure Notch will fix all of the bugs in time. In the meantime, type /help in chat to see a list of commands to help workaround some of the bugs.

¨ No.1079
PS: Type /VIP for an easter egg ;)
¨ No.1080
1281559699113.png–(25.91KB, 653x358, 1281559699113.png)
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
¨ No.1081
Who stealth bumped this thread?
¨ No.1082
The stealth bump was probably somebody who wants me to update the survival server. So I did. Have fun.

Address: bivab.ath.cx:25566

¨ No.1083
Okay, which one of you pricks did this?

I mean, the 16bit ALU, you know Anal Touring won't let you get away with this HAHAHA!

¨ No.1084  >>1323
I don't think anybody plays creative anymore, but if you do the URL changed for some reason.


¨ No.1323
URL changes periodically and whenever the server reconnects to mine craft heartbeat server, which is often because that shit crashes all the time.
I also have a VIP QUALITY classic mine craft server SOLIDUS DEATHS.
¨ No.1655
bump i'm on the server guise

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